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AHD is the distribution leader for the most innovative new-to-market nutritional indgredients, like Fucoidan. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed.. Our philosophy at AHD is based on searching the globe for a select list of key ingredients, like Fucoidan, provided by the best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality for our customers' customers.

AHD International has exclusive contracts with numerous worldwide natural product manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality in the Fucoidan you can receive. Fucoidan, which is produced from Limu Moui, a sea plant, is found in Tonga. Our network of representatives covers the globe to identify the newest and best products available, like our Fucoidan. With a 5-warehouse distribution system, AHD can provide fast delivery of Fucoidan and our other high quality ingredients to locations all over the North America.

With over 8 years of experience in the nutritional market, AHD is the leading provider of high quality, readily available ingredients in bulk quantity. Our Fucoidan contains 17 amino acids including glycoprotein, a wide range of essential and non-essential fatty acids, as well as natural vitamins and minerals. Whether you are looking for Fucoidan, Co Enzyme Q 10, Glutathione, Lycopene or Fucoxanthin, AHD is the best provider of natural ingredients with a high level of customer satisfaction.

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We are strictly a bulk supplier to manufacturers – we do not sell to re-sellers or individuals. Our minimum order size is approximately 25 kilos. We are one of only a few suppliers that carry $5 million product liability insurance for our customers. AHD International LLC is classified as a importer, exporter, manufacturer, distributor of nutritional ingredients depending on the ingredient specified. AHD has 5 warehouse locations across North America and sales agents in over 10 countries. We are the only ingredient company to be awarded the Dun and Bradstreet's fastest growing company in America twice in 1999 and 2002.

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