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Lawrence Allen Hampton

Birthdate:    July 12, 1924 - December 7, 2001
Spouse:        Mildred C. White
Children:      Lawrence Hampton, Jr.
Lennita A. Robinson (Leonard)
Ruth Hampton
Milton Hampton
Myron Hampton (Shayla)
Parent:         Emma Bedford Hampton-Bradley and Clifford Hampton Sr.

Lawrence Allen Hampton Sr. was born to Clifford Hampton Sr. and emma Bedford Hampton-Bradley on Saturday July 12, 1924. He was the fourth of six children.

Lawrence was united in holy matrimony to Mildred C. White on December 5, 1960 in Cincinnati, Ohio. To their union, five children were born, in which there are two sets of twins.

Lawernce migrated to Cincinnati at the age of six and attended harriet Beecher Stowe School. He was baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic at an early age. He attended Woodward high School and he went on to the United States Navy where he attended the University of Hawaii. he earned a degree in Theography. After leaving the Navy, he worked for the United States Postal Service for several years. He later opened the first Gulf fas station in Cincinnati that hired women as gas attendants. This gas station was located at Melis (now Martin-Luther King Drive) and Reading Road, He later worked for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as an executive of the central service office. During this time Lawrence went back to school and obtained a Doctorate degree in Theology at the University of Dayton. He also was appointed as a minister of service at St. Leo Church in the late 1970's. He retired from the Archdioceses of Cincinnati in 1994 due to failing health.

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J.B. Atwarter 1
Gilbert Croley 1
Linda Diane Croley 2
Deborah Croley 4
Lovette Hyde 5
David Bedford 8
Jamel Croley 8
Geron Showes 9
Avery Lamar Davis 9
Samira Bedford 13
Jamila Kinebrew 13
Jasmine Shaney Peterson 14
Edward Bedford 17
Damon Croley 20
Jessie William Erwin 23
Wanda Showes 26
Rhonda Stwarter 28
Michael Alexander 29
Mathew Girton-Bedford 29
Karen Elaine Lawson 30

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